Bitcoin Mining Hardware

We present to you a new generation of devices created by the latest technologies to generate Bitcoins. By the usage of the devices called Bitcoins Miner, you can take part in the process of generating the new Bitcoins' blocks and gain a stable income using the processing power of your own computer!

It's quite easy: you get the device Bitcoin Miner, connect to the System by using it and get a reward depending on your computer's video card and working time in the network. Everything you need: Bitcoin Miner, a computer with a video card from 1GB and stably working high speed internet.

We offer following types of devices:

Hardware Mining $ In Stock Price $
Bitcoin Miner 1 12-16* / month Yes 325
Bitcoin Miner 2 36-40* / month Yes 576
Bitcoin Miner 3 68-76* / month Out of stock 4 880
Bitcoin Miner 4 83-91* / month Yes 920
Bitcoin Miner 5 97-106* / month Out of stock 3 410
Bitcoin Miner 6 185-201* / month Yes 1 497
Bitcoin Miner 7 289-304* / month Yes 3 289
Bitcoin Miner 8 494-540* / month Yes 22 684

*Mining depends on power of device, operating time, and current rate.

By the usage of Bitcoins, it is possible to earn money not only due to the growth of the cryptocurrency's course, but also directly participating in production of "virtual gold". It reminds development of gold-bearing fields in mining industry. Do you want to be the pioneers of network El Dorado and among the first who will stake out to yourself and your descendants a gold-bearing vein?